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OMG!!! It is definitely wakey wakey time people. Please watch the video below to the very end and note, when the question is posed as to who benefits from exposing Mankind to so much mercury, of course, it is those who control the medical system and seek to slowly poison and kill us. The caduceus symbol of the medical system is actually the staff of the demi-god MERCURY a/k/a Hermes. That serpent you see wrapping it's way around the staff is the "holy" serpent of the Jews (see Texe Marrs book for more info on this). This is the very same serpent that caused the fall of Mankind and brought us out of the Garden of Eden, moving us into the hellish nightmare in which we exist now, all through trickery and deceit and the lure of carnal pleasure. This is the very same serpent that some call Lucifer or Satan.

Once again I ask the question -- who do you think benefits from the sale of these mercury-filled light bulbs? Who do you think created them? No doubt, it is the very same Luciferian "tribe" (cult) that controls the medical system. THEY ARE JEWS.

Source Article:
How Much Mercury is Emitted From Broken Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Light Bulbs?

Related: Everything You Need To Know About Mercury

Just how much mercury is emitted from broken CFL bulbs?

This video not only shows you the answer, but provides you with shocking information from an experiment conducted by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Will your house become un-sellable if tested for mercury?

Will you inhale dangerous amounts of mercury vapor when a CFL bulb breaks in your house, even after it is cleaned up?

When a CFL bulb breaks, how far above legal limits will the mercury vapor in a room rise to?

To view the State of Main CFL study, visit this address:

Please share this video with everyone you know.

How Much Mercury Escapes From Broken CFL Light Bulbs?

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Hey ladies -- isn't that a wonderful birth position for the convenience of the voyeurs? Look how many strangers are in that room. May as well invite in the janitor too and make it a party.

But seriously, what people need to understand is that the real reason doctors force women into this sick lithotomy position that narrows the pelvis, cuts off the baby's oxygen supply, and forces the baby to birth itself against gravity, is because EVERYTHING the medical system does is designed to purposefully traumatize the child and cause pain for both mother and child and thereby undermine bonding and ensure birth trauma. It's methodical. No accident. The people who create these insane protocols know exactly what they're doing and they do it all for diabolical reasons.

Women who are forced to birth in this position have an increased chance of ending up with a c-section and/or having their babies pulled out with forceps or sucked out with a vacuum. Of course, the scissor-happy, knife wielding surgeons are more than happy to cut open women's bodies, rip babies from their mother's womb, and even cut off infant body parts, just to name a few (see my many posts on circumcision in this blog). Naturally, there are shekels to be made and most medical "professionals" would be hard pressed to give up such great opportunitie$ to make money.

For the record, ALL medical interventions during the birth process cause trauma. That includes immediate cord clamping which cuts off baby's oxygen supply, deprives baby of 1/3 of his/her blood, deprives baby of vital nutrients and stem cells, and ruthlessly cuts baby off from his/her placenta. Cord clamping is extremely violent and involves theft of the infant's cord blood and placenta, which are sold to the highest bidder for more shekels. Often the highest bidders are satanists that get off on the consumption of infant blood and body parts.

Hospitals are Luciferian temples of the occult. Protect yourself and your children. Avoid these places like the plague.

Source Article:
Routine Birth Practices Exposed As Medical Abuse – Dr Todd Gastaldo

Attention Pregnant women:

"...OBs are routinely closing birth canals up to 30%. It’s easy to allow your birth canal to OPEN the “extra” up to 30% – just roll onto your side as you push your baby out – BUT BEWARE – see “Just Beware” at the end of this post.


“The most widely used and often the most satisfactory…[delivery position] is…dorsal lithotomy… in order to increase the diameter of the pelvic outlet.” [Williams Obstetrics 2001:316]

The authors of Williams Obstetrics KNEW this was a bald lie when they published it – because – beginning in 1993 – at my request – they published the simple grisly biomechanics too:

“[T]he increase in the diameter of the pelvic outlet occurs *only* if the sacrum is not forced anteriorly by the weight of the maternal pelvis against the delivery table or bed.” [Williams Obstetrics 2001:55]


The graphics show how the sacrum and tailbone being pushed upwards while lying on the back or if in a semisitting position partially obstruct the birth passage.


In birthing positions other than dorsal (on the back) or semisitting, the sacrum and tailbone are able to move out of the way freely as the baby descends because there is nothing pushing against them. Except for the side-lying position, these positions obviously also facilitate a gravity-assisted birth.


Dorsal lithotomy – also known as the “dorso-sacral” position – forces the sacrum anteriorly – CLOSES the pelvic outlet up to 30%.

Semisitting – another common medical delivery position – also forces the sacrum anteriorly and closes the pelvic outlet up to 30%.

OBs are KNOWINGLY closing birth canals up to 30% and KEEPING birth canals closed when babies get stuck – and LYING to cover-up. See the Four OB Lies below.

Sometimes OBs pull so hard they rip spinal nerves out of tiny spinal cords.

Some babies die – some get paralyzed – most “only” have their spines gruesomely wrenched.

ALL spinal manipulation is gruesome with the birth canal senselessly closed up to 30%.

Note also: OBs are slicing vaginas/abdomens en masse (episiotomy/c-section) – surgically/fraudulently inferring they are doing/have done everything possible to OPEN birth canals – even as they CLOSE birth canals – up to 30%.

This is massive criminal negligence that sometimes escalates to criminally negligent homicide. C-section increases the odds that a mother will die. Also, some babies die – and MDs indirectly admit that closing the birth canal FAR LESS than 30% can KILL.

As usual, I am in favor of pardons in advance for MDs. As med students, MDs are TRAINED to perform obvious felonies. (See the Bonus Bizarre Williams Obstetrics Factoid below.)

(Note: The 2005 edition of Williams Obstetrics is due out next month, according to the employee at Barnes and Noble with whom I spoke.)


OB LIE #1. After MASSIVE change in the AP pelvic outlet diameter was clinically demonstrated in 1911 and radiographically demonstrated in 1957, the authors of Williams Obstetrics began erroneously claiming that pelvic
diamaters DON’T CHANGE at delivery.

OB LIE #2. After Ohlsen pointed out in 1973 that pelvic diameters DO change – the authors of Williams Obstetrics began erroneously claiming that their most frequent delivery position – dorsal – widens the outlet.

OB LIE #3. After I pointed out in 1992 that dorsal CLOSES – and so does semisitting – the authors of Williams Obstetrics – put the correct biomechanics in their 1993 edition – but kept in their text (in the same paragraph!) – the dorsal widens bald lie that first called my attention to their text…

OB LIE #4. OBs are actually KEEPING birth canals closed when babies get stuck – and claiming they are doing everything to allow the birth canal open maximally. (ACOG Shoulder Dystocia video – also forceps and vacuum births are performed with the mother in lithotomy.)

See Make birth better: Dan Rather, before you leave CBS…

I noted some of the OB lies in an Open Letter to the FTC years ago…


MDs are violating AMA’s Principles of Medical Ethics, failing to strive to expose the OB fraud and deception, as in,

“[AMA physician[s] shall…strive to expose those physicians…who engage in fraud or deception.”

“[AMA p]hysician[s] shall…seek changes in those requirements which are contrary to the best interests of the patient.”

“[AMA p]hysician[s] shall…make relevant information available to patients, colleagues, and the public…”


“It is established obstetric teaching that a narrow pelvic outlet predisposes to a difficult vaginal delivery…”
–Ass-脛rztin Dr. Andrea Froschauer-Frudinger et al. [Br J Obstet Gynaecol 2002;109(11):1207-12]



Immediate cord clamping temporarily asphyxiates babies and robs massive amounts of blood from them and is likely causing some cases of autism and cerebral palsy, according to retired obstetrician George Malcolm Morley, MB
ChB, FACOG. (See quote below.)

Williams Obstetrics acknowledges this massive baby blood robbery – then (in effect) PROMOTES it…

Here’s the relevant quote…

“If after delivery, the infant is placed at or below the level of the vaginal introitus for 3 minutes and the fetoplacental circulation is not immediately occluded by clamping the cord, an average of 80ml of blood may
be shifted from the placenta to the infant…Our policy is to clamp the cord after first thoroughly clearing the airway…which takes about 30 seconds.”
(Williams Obstetrics 2001:319-320)

This bizarre ROUTINE treatment of “every cesarean section baby” may cause some cases of autism and cerebral palsy, according to retired obstetrician George Malcolm Morley, MB ChB FACOG:

ACOG‘s routine treatment (B138) of these depressed neonates is immediate cord clamping to obtain cord blood pH studies. The child’s only functioning source of oxygen – the placenta – is amputated together with 30% to 50+% of
its natural blood volume. Total asphyxia is imposed until the lungs function, and the depressed (asphyxiated, hypovolemic) child starts its extra-uterine life in hypovolemic shock

“B138 was first published in 1993. Every cesarean section baby, every depressed child, every preemie, and every child born with a neonatal team in the delivery room has its cord clamped immediately to facilitate the
panicked rush to the resuscitation table. The current epidemic of immediate cord clamping coincides with an epidemic of autism.

“For the trial lawyers, it is essential that the ‘true genesis’ of cerebral palsy remains unknown, because that ‘true genesis’ (B.138) is a standard of medico-legal care…”

Note: Dr. Morley, quoted above, is failing to call it child abuse – and worse – he is failing to REPORT it as child abuse.

Obstetricians *routinely* commit child abuse – OBVIOUS child abuse that is sometimes paralyzing/sometimes fatal. By failing to report this mass child abuse, Dr. Morley is placing professional health above public health.

I will cc Oregon attorney general Hardy Meyers again (hardy… – but nothing will likely happen as the medical profession and the legal profession have created the medico-“legal” “just us” system – babies be damned. (I will also cc Disneyland DA Tony Rackauckas – his campaign manager was chiropractic attorney Michael Schroeder, a former California Republican Party Chairman who mail still be an Orange County deputy sheriff.)

PREGNANT WOMEN: Read that Williams Obstetrics bald lie again. Please don’t deliver semisitting or dorsal.

To offer your baby the “extra” up to 30%, just roll onto your side as you push your baby out – or use just about any other alternative delivery position…

JUST BEWARE: Some OBs will let women “try” alternative delivery positions but will move them back to semisitting or dorsal (and so close their birth canals the “extra” up to 30%) for the actual delivery.

And remember: When babies get stuck, OBs routinely KEEP birth canals closed the “extra” up to 30%.

Women should not have to ASK for the “extra” up to 30% – that’s just the way it is – so talk to your OB today.


Dr. Gastaldo

PS1 My thanks to Donna Young for calling my attention to the immediate cord clamping child abuse.

PS2 Sara gave birth recently and mentioned me in her birth story on I responded and forgot to explicitly state that I was honored to be mentioned in her birth story. Thanks Sara.

PS3 It is important to note that allowing the birth canal to open the “extra” up to 30% will NOT prevent all c-sections and operative deliveries – but it will likely prevent some. MDs have no business closing birth canals
let alone lying to cover-up. Attorney generals have no business ignoring the grisly mass child abuse.

This post will be archived for global access in the Google usenet archive. Search for “Williams Obstetrics bald lie (attn: Oregon atty gen’l Hardy Myers)”

To read original, click HERE


– BIRTH – December 1992 – Dr Todd Gastaldo


– Birth Trauma
Jeanne Ohm, DC


– Birth Trauma
By Elizabeth Anderson-Peacock, DC


– Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine – Jeanice Barcelo


– Squatting for birth:

Squatting also happens to be the ideal position for birth. Lying down to give birth is a very recent “innovation” due to the replacement of midwives with doctors in the last century. Lying flat for birth reduces blood flow to baby and placenta, increasing the risk of fetal distress, whereas squatting maximizes the spaces between the pelvic bones and puts pressure on the cervix. Unfortunately, after a life time of sitting and wearing heels, most women cannot maintain a squat without extensive exercise.

– Learning to squat

– Historical and Traditional Birthing Positions


10 Reasons To Not Give Birth On Your Back


– Best Birth Positions (It’s NOT what you think!)


– 17 Safe And Effective Positions For Natural Birth


101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital – Jock Doubleday


Pregnancy and birth-related VINE pages:

– Can Ultrasound Pregnancy Scans Harm Babies?

– The Importance of Declining the Hepatitis B Vaccine On Your Birth Plan

– Commonly Asked Questions About Childbirth Answered

– The Importance of Delayed Cord Clamping

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This information was just shared with me by a facebook friend. Keep in mind that, in his book, "The Holy Serpent of the Jews," Texx Marrs makes an extremely well documented argument that Judaism is a satanic sex cult and that the Jews worship "the serpent" -- i.e., Satan/Lucifer. Personally, I have no doubt that Texx Marrs is absolutely correct. Perhaps this explains why these psychopaths want to mimic the behavior of a serpent and why they are so freaking desperate to make the penis immortal. How absurd.

You simply cannot make this shit up folks. Check it out:
"...In Judaism, I’ve read a theory about the practice of circumcism, which is a symbolic beheading, that it is a copying of the snake shedding it’s skin as a symbol of immortality. So if a man has the skin of his penis cut off to reveal a new (and painful) skin beneath, then he and his penis will be eternal immortal forever. Can you tell a combination of sadistic and masochistic men invented this religion ? ! The Rabbi was the beheader, and he ate the foreskin!..."
The Cult of Headless Gods and Disembodied Heads – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

And more from another source -- indicating the foreskin FEEDS THE SERPENT:
"Another reason for this practice is as follows: The severed foreskin is regarded as the portion of the evil influences which have now been removed from the child. The serpent – which was punished in Genesis to feed off the dust of the earth – is an incarnation of evil. It is, therefore, appropriate to have the portion of evil become part of the food of the partner of evil."
Laws & Customs

And more on the Jews eating baby foreskins...

"The circumcision rite, a variation of the traditional brit milah, is performed on the thirteenth day of a Hasidic Jewish boy’s life, and involves the serving of the excised foreskin in a special ceremonial lentil soup to the chosen godparents, or kwaterin..."
Canada’s governor general in baby foreskin eating controversy

Jean was reportedly asked what she thought of the foreskin soup, to which she responded, “You know, it’s kinda like chicken, but more tender.”

Canada’s governor general in baby foreskin eating controversy

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Since Trump took office, there have been close to 3,000 pedophile arrests that I am aware of (see here and here). However, this bust goes to the core of the problem. Hollywood is totally controlled by Jews and I would wager a bet that Jews actually "invented" pedophilia. No doubt, there are many people in positions of power now shitting in their pants because it is clear that pedophiles are being targeted for extinction and their days of freely raping children are over.


Source Article:
238 Arrested in Major Hollywood Pedophile Ring Bust

'Major Hollywood players' taken down for child sex crimes

The Department of Justice has just conducted a series of raids across Los Angeles and arrested 238 people in connection with a Hollywood pedophilia network.

According to police, the arrests included some "major Hollywood players" as well as politicians, white-collar professionals, a monk, and other high-ranking clergy members.The raids were conducted by the Los Angeles Regional Internet Crimes against Children task force, working directly with the Justice Department.

Codenamed "Operation Broken Heart III", the sweeping raids targeted offenders wanted for the sexual exploitation of children, child prostitution, sex tourism and possessing and distributing child pornography, said Deputy Chief Matt Blake of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police stated that they are unable to release any names at this point, but confirmed that the arrested included some "household names" in the entertainment industry.Operation Broken Heart III is said to be part of a much larger operation that connects to national Elite pedophile rings and may extend worldwide.

Among those arrested was an Australian politician who was attempting to "purchase" a 6-year-old boy.

Source Article:
238 arrested in sweep of suspected child sex predators

A monk from Riverside and an Australian man looking to buy a 6-year-old boy were among 238 people arrested during a two-month operation targeting child predators in Southern California, officials said Monday.

Conducted by the Los Angeles Regional Internet Crimes against Children task force, “Operation Broken Heart III” targeted offenders wanted for the sexual exploitation of children, child prostitution, sex tourism and possessing and distributing child pornography, said Deputy Chief Matt Blake of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Among those arrested during sweeps in April and May were entertainers, community leaders, white-collar professionals and clergy members, said John Reynolds, acting special agent in charge for U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations.

“The incidence of child sexual exploitation has reached staggering proportions,” he said at a news conference.

“Parents and kids need to have frank conversations about how to stay safe in cyberspace,” Reynolds said.

Children and teens, he said, are spending more time on the Internet and social media sites, where child predators often look for victims.

The Los Angeles task force is one of 61 programs nationwide funded through the U.S. Justice Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Created in 2014, Operation Broken Heart gives law enforcement agencies and task forces an opportunity to combine resources and investigative tools to identify child sexual predators.

The Los Angeles Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children unit serves about 300 warrants each year in pursuit of child pornography suspects. In a high-rise building in Long Beach, 11 officers review an average of 350 child pornography cases a month.

Investigators use forensic equipment inside a mobile crime lab named "The Beast" to scan through hard drives for any illicit images.

In May, Michael Quinn, 33, traveled from Australia to Los Angeles to complete a deal to buy a 6-year-old boy for sex, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles.

Undercover agents met Quinn on a social media networking site, where he had communicated that he wanted to “meet up with a dad who shares his young one,” according to prosecutors.

“Quinn explained to the undercover agent he was hoping to meet ‘other pervs’ in the U.S. and ultimately agreed to pay a human trafficker $250 to provide him with a young boy with whom he could engage in illicit sex,” according to the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles.

Quinn went to a hotel in Los Angeles, where he planned to meet and party with three other child predators and engage in sex with boys, prosecutors said. Instead, undercover agents were waiting inside the hotel room.

After Quinn handed money to an agent, who was posing as a sex trafficker, law enforcement authorities entered the room and arrested him, prosecutors said.

Weeks later in Riverside, authorities arrested Kounzong Saebphang, 26, a monk, at his home in the Wat Lao Buddhist Monastery in Riverside.

Authorities were investigating Saebphang since last year when they received information that he was possibly distributing child pornography, according to the Riverside County district attorney’s office.

When federal investigators searched the monastery, they found at least one digital device containing child pornography in his belongings, prosecutors said. Prosecutors alleged he also distributed child pornography to another person through a social media site.

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Beware the fidget spinners... I have read two stories now about dogs absolutely freaking out in terror when people spin these devices. Because of the canine response, and because I have been doing so much research about ultrasound and its effects, I suspect these devices are emitting ultrasound or some type of frequencies that are harmful. If so, this means that fidget spinners are really torture devices and can be extremely harmful to living things including babies, young children, dogs and other animals that can hear these frequencies. The stories below are very, very telling. And please note the update below, wherein the creator of these devices informs us her inspiration came while in Israel and from her inclination to want to halt Palestinian resistance to Israeli genocide.

Via Sarah Jane O'Connor: "so, something weird just happened~ dennis brought home a fidget spinner from work the other day and it has been sitting on the counter untouched. i picked it up a bit ago and started spinning it with my fingers in the 馃憣 position. it started going and i was thinking "whats the big deal?" then connor started barking at it and i stopped.

i asked him if something weird just happened...his sudden barking freaked me right out. i set the spinner back on the counter then went on about my business.

a few minutes later i find connor cowering under the bed. i picked him up and cuddled him, then i set him down and picked up the fidget spinner to throw it away. he saw me pick it up and went to run into the bedroom again and i stopped him and showed him i was throwing it away.

he is a touchy dog, he gets freaked out easily, but i have never seen him cower like that esp a few minutes after the fact.

sorry, Denn O'Connor, i tossed that devil's toy."


Via Lynda Walker: "I've never purchased one but my daughter was playing with a friends spinner and my dog went bonkers, I've never seen him freak out like that, even when it stopped moving- we had to remove it. It's interesting you put this up Jeanice."


Via Beth Ann Carr: "My eight year old step-son just came home yesterday with two of these after a vacation... the moment I heard it I felt an intense (almost painful) energetic reaction in my solar plexus. I told him immediately and asked him to please not use it around me. (I later found out my partner had the exact same reaction). I just read him this post and we had a talk about paying attention to your body's intelligent communication, how anything that "everyone is doing" should be met with increased discernment and how even though I cannot prevent him from "playing" with it at his other house I hope he chooses to treat himself with love and respect by choosing not to.

Until I read this post, I could not put my finger on why I had such an intense reaction, it makes perfect sense. Thank you"

UPDATE: More interesting news about the fidget spinner which further confirms my suspicions that these devices are weapons. Here this obviously Jewish creator is claiming that the device was invented for "peace," which means the reverse is true -- it has been created to bring harm (Jews are experts at Luciferian reversal). And, it appears those who promote the use of these devices cannot make up their mind what they are really for. Check out the two articles below to see the variations in the alleged reasons for the creation of fidget spinners. Despite all the lies that the Jewish media spew, I will trust the response of dogs, who tell us everything we need to know about these sadistic devices.

Source Article:
Fidget spinner was invented to stop Palestinian kids from throwing rocks at Israelis

(JTA) — Do we have Palestinian rock throwers to thank for the fidget spinner?

The inventor of the ubiquitous stress-reducing toy says she came up with the idea during a trip to Israel in the 1980s, during the First Intifada, as a way to distract the “young boys throwing rocks at police officers.”

Catherine Hettinger told CNN Money last week that she first brainstormed the gadget while visiting her sister in the Jewish state and hearing about the clashes between Palestinian youth and Israeli security.

She first considered designing a “soft rock that kids could throw,” according to CNN Money.

“It started as a way of promoting peace,” Hettinger said.

But soon after, upon returning home to Orlando, Florida, Hettinger put together the first fidget spinner — a propeller-like toy that spins around a center bearing.

Hettinger secured a patent for the device in 1997, but sales languished for over a decade, and Hasbro declined to market it. Hettinger did not have the money to pay the $400 fee to renew her patent in 2005.

It was not until last year that the fidget spinner became a sensation, appearing everywhere from office cubicles to elementary school classrooms. Some tout the toy as a stress reliever, but others find them disruptive and distracting.

Source Article:
'Fidget spinners' are all the rage, but some Minnesota schools have had enough

The popularity of fidget spinners is growing so rapidly that some schools have banned them.

Move over bottle-flipping and homemade slime: Minnesota kids have a new obsession. Fidget spinners are the latest craze to hit classrooms, playgrounds and social media. But some schools say the spinning has gotten out of control.

The compact, colorful trinkets are made of plastic or metal and have a ball bearing in the middle, which helps spin the toy's outside weights.

The widely accessible spinners are marketed as an outlet for restless energy, but with so many students spinning, some school administrators are finding the fidgets to be more of a distraction than an aid.

"We found that early on they were a distraction to learning, because kids were pulling them out of their pockets," said John McDonald, assistant principal at Delano Elementary School.

"There is a use for them if they do have a need for them through an IEP, if a fidget helps them to concentrate," McDonald said. "Other than that we have banned them from school."

Fidget tools such as spinners, cubes and putty were originally intended as a one-handed tool to enhance concentration, reduce anxiety and stimulate learning, particularly in people with ADHD and autism who might have a hard time sitting still.

Now, kids across the country (and many adults) are using them as a toy, causing disruptions in school. Many teachers report that students are using class time to do tricks, such as balancing the spinners on pencils or twirling them on their noses.

Trevor Hins was first introduced to fidget spinners as a tool for his 5-year-old daughter, who has autism. Hins, of Farmington, said he hopes his daughter will be able to use a spinner as a technique to "manage some of her stimming."

Although Hins sees the benefit of fidget spinners for his daughter, they have proved to be distracting for his 7-year-old son, who attends an elementary school in Farmington where spinners have been banned, Hins said.

"He doesn't concentrate [on] other things better when using the spinner," Hins said. "He concentrates on the spinner. He [also] loses it or parts of it multiple times a day and then finding it consumes him."

A search for "fidget spinner" on Amazon yields 32,000 results with prices ranging from a few dollars to $460. Places like Walgreens and convenience stores can't keep them stocked. Many kids make their own spinners using parts from skateboard wheels or as projects in school using 3-D printers.

Joe Garritano has created a business out of the fidget spinner craze. His Wayzata-based Steampunk Spinners company has been "growing like crazy," he said.

Garritano's spinners range from $19 and up, and he gets custom requests from avid spinner collectors "who will pay anything."

"People want spinners with their names engraved, special shapes or rare metals," he said. "I work all night and weekend to keep up with production."

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube and Instagram from adults and kids showing their gadgets off and giving trick tutorials.

Some students have started online petitions asking their schools to lift the bans.

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Source Article:
The Nuclear Nightmare: Jews Behind the Atom Bomb

. . . by an Unknown Author,
edited slightly by Lasha Darkmoon

The nuclear weapons that threaten humanity have been a legacy of the Jews.

The total number of the Jews involved in the Manhattan Project—i.e., the development of the atom bomb—is truly staggering. The list below contains only the names of the most noted Jewish scientists who worked directly on the Manhattan Project. Nearly all of the individuals on the list were hard-core Communists. Many more were spies, who gave the formula for the atom bomb to the Soviets.

Upon researching, I was appalled at how the authors [mostly Jews], who wrote articles and biographies of the individuals below, portrayed these mass-murderers in a very positive light, exalting many to a hero status.

The first atomic bomb was designed and constructed in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The top-secret code name given to this work was “The Manhattan Project.” The reason for the name was that Bernard Baruch, an important Jew involved, lived in Manhattan, New York, as did many of the other top officials.

The chief scientist of the Los Alamos Laboratory from 1943 to 1945 was J. Robert Oppenheimer, another prominent Jew.

Oppenheimer’s brother Frank, a card-carrying communist, was also a leading atomic scientist working at Los Alamos.

According to Ben Klassen, quoted here: “One of the central figures in not only laying the theoretical ground work but also persuading President Roosevelt to launch the whole atomic bomb program was Albert Einstein, a foreign-born Jew with 16 communist front affiliations.”

We read: “The first commissioner of the Atomic Energy Commission was David E. Lilienthal, a Jew, who belonged to at least two communist fronts. He remained in that position for a considerable length of time.” [1]

Niels Bohr [Danish born Jew], given the Nobel Prize in 1922, escaped Denmark in 1943. “In September 1943, reliable word reached Bohr about his imminent arrest by the German police; the Danish resistance quickly managed to help Bohr and his wife escape by sea to Sweden. Soon after, Bohr was flown in a military aircraft to Britain. There he was introduced to the then-secret atomic bomb project. Eventually he was directed to the project’s principal location in the United States of America. Bohr worked on the Manhattan Project at the top-secret Los Alamos laboratory in New Mexico, where he was known by the name of “Nicholas Baker” for security reasons.” [2]

Le贸 Szil谩rd [Hungarian born Jew] born in Budapest, assisted Enrico Fermi in conducting the first controlled nuclear chain reaction. Nicholas K眉rti [Hungarian born Jew: K眉rti Mikl贸s] and Franz Eugen Simon [German born Jew who fled to Britain after Hitler came to power] discovered how to separate uranium-235 from uranium ore, which was necessary for the construction of an atomic bomb. [3]

“It is of utmost significance to point out that both atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb were in large measure a Jewish production. But basically the atom bomb and its further proliferation, is a Jewish idea. One of the central figures in not only laying the theoretical groundwork but also persuading President Roosevelt to launch the whole atomic bomb program was Albert Einstein, a foreign-born Jew with 16 communist front affiliations.”

“It was at this time that most of the Atomic secrets were stolen and passed on to the Soviets. When it comes to listing the spies and traitors involved, it almost reads like a Jewish Who’s Who. The most notorious were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were tried and executed for treason, the only traitors in modern U.S. history to have suffered this fate. Further involved in this spy network were Harry Gold, Abraham Brothman, David Greenglass, [Ethel Rosenberg’s brother], Israel Weinbaum, Miriam Moscowitz, Sidney Weinbaum, Morton Sobell. All these were Jews, and all were convicted of treason.

“It is significant that in the further development of the hydrogen bomb, Jews were again in the forefront, men such as J. Robert Oppenheimer, Steve Nelson [real name Joseph W. Weinberg] and Edward Teller.”

LD: The mad scientist in the 1964 cult movie “Dr Strangelove”, directed by Stanley Kubrick, was based on Jewish scientist Edward Teller.the-men-of-the-manhattan-project-5-638

“To get on with the crux of our dissertation, namely the commercial and industrial proliferation of nuclear wastes in the United States, this more than any other issue hangs like an ominous pall over our heads. It threatens to bring death, cancer, leukemia, and birth defects to the mass of the population, and, in fact, exterminate humanity itself.”

“It is of utmost significance to point out that the Jewish network has kept close control of the development and proliferation of this most devastating of all technical achievements – nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.” [4]

[1] Ben Klassen, Racial Loyalty issue 27, Creativity Movement
[2] Wikipedia article on Niels Bohr
[3] International Council for Science (ICSU) Committee on Data for Science and Technology CODATA Newsletter Number 79 March 1999
[4] Ben Klassen, Racial Loyalty issue 27, Creativity Movement


Robert Oppenheimer [American Jew] – Scientific Director – Project “Y”

Frank Oppenheimer [American Jew] – Brother of and Assistant to J Robert Oppenheimer

Albert Einstein [German born Jew] – Consultant to the Project.

Niels Bohr [Danish born Jew] – Consultant to the Project.

Le贸 Szil谩rd [Hungarian born Jew] – Group Leader – Metallurgical Laboratory.

Nicholas K眉rti [Hungarian born Jew] – Worked with
Franz Eugen Simon [German born Jew] and developed a method of separating uranium 235 from raw uranium ore.

David Bohm [American Jew] – Performed theoretical calculations for the Calutrons at the Y-12 facility in Oak Ridge, used to electromagnetically enrich uranium for use in the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

Rudolf Peierls [German born Jew] – British Mission.

Felix Bloch [Swiss born Jew] – Worked under Hans Albrecht Bethe, performing nuclear fission research.

Eugene [Paul] Wigner [Hungarian born Jew] – Group Leader Metallurgical Laboratory.

James Chadwick [British born Jew] – Chief – British Mission.

James Franck [German born Jew] – Director – Chemistry Group.

Otto Frisch [German born Jew] – British Mission.

Edward Teller [Hungarian born Jew] – Thermonuclear Research.

Emilio Gino Segr猫 [Italian born Jew] – Group Leader.

Hans Albrecht Bethe [German born Jew] – Chief – Theoretical Division.

Klaus Fuchs [German born Jew] – Theoretical Division [Communist Spy]

Richard Phillips Feynman [American Jew] – Group Leader – Theoretical Division.

Morris Kolodney [American Jew] – Manager – DP Site.

Louis Rosen [American Jew] – The “Father” of the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center.

Louis Slotin [Canadian born Jew] – Critical Testing – resulted in his accidental death.

Jacob Beser [American Jew] – Weapons firing and fusing.

Theodore Alvin Hall [American Jew] – Youngest Scientist at Los Alamos.

Samuel T. Cohen [American Jew] – Worked in the Efficiency Group.

Samuel Goudsmit – [Danish born Jew] – Scientific Head of the Alsos Mission.

George Placzek – [Moravian born Jew] – British Mission.

Eugene Rabinowitch – [Russian born Jew] – Metallurgical Laboratory.

Joseph Rotblat – [Polish born Jew] – Worked with James Chadwick [Communist Spy]

Gregory Breit – [Russian born Jew] – Predecessor of J. Robert Oppenheimer.

David Greenglass [American Jew] – Manhattan Project Infiltration [Communist Spy].

George Abramovich Koval [American Jew] – Special Engineer Detachment [Communist Spy]

Victor Weisskopf [Austrian born Jew] – Theoretical Division.

Alvin Martin Weinberg [American Jew] – Theoretical Physics under Eugene [Paul] Wigner.

Isidor Isaac Rabi [Polish born Jew] – Consultant to the Project.

Stan Frankel [American Jew] – Theoretical Division.

Enrico Fermi [Italian born Gentile] was married to a Jewess – Group Leader – Theoretical Division

SOURCE (link no longer working but info can be found at web archive...

A Jewish Gift to Humanity: The Nuclear Nightmare

The Inventors of the Atomic Bomb: ALL JEWS
World Jewish Congress Declared War on Germany Long Before Germany Took Any Action Against Jews
The Bombing of Dresden: An Act of Genocide
Hiroshima & Nagasaki: A Jewish Experiment
Genocide IS and Always Has Been a Jewish Ideal
The PHONY Holoco$t The "Six Million" LIE
2000 Years of Jewish Ritual Murder
The Threat of Israel Today


Whereas,Christopher Columbus was a complete psychopath and contributed to the genocide of Native Americans; and

Whereas, this type of behavior seems to be a "template" for Jews (i.e., that they behave like genocidal psychopaths and steal land and murder people wherever they go -- please see the "Holy" Bible for more info on this);

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Columbus was a Jew, and there is much evidence to prove this.

Source Article:
Was Christopher Columbus a Marrano Jew? His Hebrew Writings Say Yes

For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former things shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.” Isaiah 65:17 (The Israel Bible™)

The more historians research Christopher Columbus, the more they question the true origins of the great explorer credited for discovering America. In fact, there is growing speculation that Columbus was a Jew fleeing the Spanish Inquisition rather than an Italian hired by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to find riches in Asia.

“There is a lot of evidence that Christopher Columbus was a man of faith seeking to help his brethren escape certain death or conversion in Spain and even that he dreamed of rebuilding the third holy temple in Jerusalem,” noted Roni Segal, academic adviser for The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, an online language academy, to Breaking Israel News.

“For starters, Georgetown University linguist Estelle Irizarry has analyzed hundreds of Columbus’s handwritten letters, diaries and documents. She found that Columbus’s primary language was Castilian Spanish, the ‘Yiddish’ of the day for Spanish Jews, otherwise known as Ladino.”

Ladino is a language spoken by Jewish people from Spanish countries. Its vocabulary is made up of words from Spanish, Turkish, Greek and Hebrew. When Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, their Spanish language went with them, binding them to their heritage and Spanish origins. Today, it is estimated that between 160,000 and 300,000 Sephardic Jews (Jews of Middle Eastern or Spanish origin) worldwide have some knowledge of Ladino.

Also striking is that at the top left-hand corner of all but one of 13 letters Columbus wrote to his son, he included the Hebrew letters beit-hay (讘”讛). “Even today, observant Jews put these Hebrew notes on their documents,” continued Segal. “It stands for b’ezrat Hashem (讘注讝专转 讛砖诐), which means ‘with God’s help’. Columbus did not include these Hebrew letters when writing to outsiders and certainly omitted them from the letter he wrote to King Ferdinand.”

It has long been assumed that Columbus was an Italian explorer from Genoa who set sail for Asia in 1492 to supply the Spanish monarchs with gold and spices. However, the the new theory holds that Columbus’ actual name was Crist贸bal Col贸n, the name signed on his letters.

It is believed that he was from Spain, the child of Domingo de Colon and Suzana de Fonterosa, Jews forced to convert to Christianity, referred to as Marranos, who were makers and sellers of nautical maps. Many Jews at the time feigned conversion to save their lives. They practiced Catholicism in public and Judaism in private.

Several Spanish scholars, including Jose Erugo, Celso Garcia de la Riega, Otero Sanchez and Nicholas Dias Perez, believe that Columbus was actually a Marrano seeking to escape persecution.

His famous voyage left Spain the day after Tisha B’Av (the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Av, or August 3, 1492). Historians believe that Columbus was scheduled to sail on Tisha B’Av but put it off in order not to leave on the tragic day in Jewish history when both the first and second Temples were destroyed. The auspicious date also coincided with the four-month deadline proposed by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella for the Jews in Spain to either convert to Catholicism or be killed.

There are several other interesting factoids related to Columbus which highlight the strong possibility that the explorer was Jewish. In his last will and testament he asked that a tithe of one-tenth of his income go towards the poor and provide a dowry for needy brides. This is a common Jewish custom. Additionally, he left money to a Jew who lived in the Lisbon Jewish Quarter, something that would have been unheard of from a Catholic Spaniard.

Columbus also left money to other explorers with the belief that his successors would eventually liberate the Holy Land. Simon Weisenthal writes in his book “Sails of Hope” that Columbus’ voyage was motivated by a desire to find a safe haven for the Jews suffering from the Spanish Inquisition. Echoing this sentiment, Carol Delaney, a cultural anthropologist at Stanford University, believes that Columbus was a deeply religious man who sought riches in order to finance the return of Jerusalem to the Jewish people and the rebuilding of its holy Temple.

Perhaps even more telling, Columbus signed his last will and testament with a triangular signature of dots and letters similar to what is inscribed on gravestones in Spanish Jewish cemeteries. In fact, he ordered his heirs to use this symbol in perpetuity.

Though history claims that Columbus’ voyage was funded by Queen Isabella, in actuality it appears that Jewish Conversos (those who converted by force to Catholicism) and prominent Jews gave the explorer an interest-free loan. These investors included Louis de Santangel, Gabriel Sanchez and Rabbi Don Isaac Abrabanel, a known Jewish statesman. Indeed, Columbus’ initial letters discussing his journey were sent to Santangel and Sanchez, thanking them for their support and telling them what he had found.

“Irizarry also notes that Columbus occasionally included Hebrew in his writings and references the Jewish High Holidays in his journal during his first voyage,” continued Segal to Breaking Israel News. “Wiesenthal postulates that Columbus sailed west to reach the Indies because of his Biblical faith, including from the Book of Isaiah, which he repeatedly cited in his writings.

For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former things shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. Isaiah 65:17

Surely the isles shall wait for Me, and the ships of Tarshish first, to bring thy sons from far, their silver and their gold with them, for the name of Hashem thy God, and for the Holy One of Yisrael, because He hath glorified thee. Isaiah 60:9

Given these facts, Columbus’ discovery of America, a country symbolized by religious tolerance and freedom, goes hand in hand with his Jewish heritage.

Source Article:
This Day in 1492, Spanish Jews Were Expelled — and Columbus Set Sail
Read more:

This date — August 1 on the Gregorian calendar, coinciding with the 9th day of Av 5777 on the Hebrew calendar — marks a very significant juncture in Jewish and world history. It was on this day in 1492 that Jews were expelled from Spain, bringing a dramatic and brutal end to what had once been a golden age, the freest, most successful chapter in diaspora Jewish history to that point.

The 9th of Av fell a day later that year; beginning only on the evening of August 1 and continuing August 2. Still, the juxtaposition was close enough — eerily so — that the day’s catastrophic event was understood then and since as one of the historic Jewish calamities memorialized by the fast day of the 9th of Av, Tisha B’Av in Hebrew.

But, unforeseen at the time, that same week gave Jews a blessing, too. It was just two days after the Spanish expulsion, on August 3, that Christopher Columbus left on his first journey to the Americas, setting sail from the port of Cadiz, where thousands of Jews had been crowding the docks two days earlier, desperately seeking passage to Tangier.

Think about it: Just as one chapter in Jewish history was closing, Columbus’s journey was setting the stage for a new era. It opened what would be a new chapter in diaspora Jewish history, the American chapter, that has surpassed even the Golden Age of Spanish exile in its freedom and success.

We might even say that while the calamity of August 1 in 1492 raised the curtain on that year’s Tisha B’Av, the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, the explorer’s sailing on August 3 ushered in the next Jewish holiday on the calendar, the festival of love and joy, Tu b’Av, six days later on the 15th of Av. Though it’s nearly forgotten today, the rabbis of the Talmud called Tu B’Av one of the two happiest days in the Jewish year. (The other was Yom Kippur, the day of forgiveness.)

With all the symbolism that this day carries, it behooves us to remember as well that what raised the curtain on a long Tu B’Av for the Jewish people, the journey of Columbus, also ushered in a long Tisha B’Av for the native peoples of North America. Great joy tempered by great sadness as one people’s liberation proved to be another people’s tragedy.

Now class, can we think of another chapter in Jewish history that contains that bittersweet mixture?

Thursday, June 15, 2017


This article is very disturbing as it exposes the blatant satanism that is being fed to children through youtube videos. Below you will see repetitive scenes depicting surgical mutilation and medical torture. Also you will see images of children with frightening insects on their bodies and in sexually suggestive positions. Children are also shown being forced to eat things directly out of the toilet or to eat snow with piss on it. All of this is exactly what children of Luciferian families are forced to endure in order that they turn into obedient, mind-controlled members of the cult. Now this filth is being mainstreamed to all children so that Luciferianism will become the norm.


Source Article:
Something is Terribly Wrong With Many “Kids” Videos on YouTube

great number of YouTube videos aimed at children contain creepy, disturbing, violent and sexual content. Some even border on child abuse. It is time to take a closer look at these videos that generate millions of views per day.

Warning: This article contains disturbing images … although they’re all taken from children’s videos.

There is no easier way to get small children to pipe down than handing them a tablet or a smartphone. Toddlers know how launch YouTube, play videos and even navigate to other “recommended videos”. This keeps children silent and entertained for long periods of time – a luxury that busy parents appreciate.

While most parents hear the children’s music playing in the background, they rarely watch every single video played by their children. When they do glimpse at the screen, they see a children’s character such as Spiderman or Princess Elsa and assume that everything is cool. But everything is not cool. There is something terribly wrong with some children’s YouTube videos and those who create them do not have the best of intentions.

A great deal of these videos contains weird, disturbing, violent and even traumatizing content. They are insidiously mixed with other children’s videos, causing them to appear as “recommended videos” by YouTube and, therefore, easily accessible to children.

I am not talking about rare, obscure videos hiding in the depths of YouTube, I am talking about channels that cumulate billions of views.

Of course, the main motivation behind these videos is profit. All it takes is a few superhero costumes and a smartphone to create videos that can potentially generate lots of revenue.

However, some of these videos are simply not right. There appears to be a motivation that goes beyond profit. Some videos trick children into watching traumatizing content, others expose them to oddly “adult” situation. Even worse, some appear to cater to adults … who like to watch children. I won’t be linking to any of these videos or channels because I don’t want to help them get more hits.

Tricking Children

Some video channels use popular children’s characters to trick them into watching violent and disturbing material. The BBC recently reported on some of these videos.

Mickey Mouse gets his ear cut off with scissors. Lots of blood.

An evil little Spiderman cuts the top off a girl’s bikini.

In another disturbing video. Peppa Pig turns into some kind of Spider-demon

Exploiting Fears and Terror

Many videos clearly exploit children’s visceral fear and repulsion of certain things such as blood, syringes, cutting skin, tarentulas, evil clowns attacking them, etc. Children are horrified yet they cannot look away because the content is engrossing.

A great number of videos revolve around the theme of cutting open the stomach and extracting all kinds of weird and horrible things. In this video, a scalpel cuts open this bear’s stomach and a big ugly worm pops out.

In this video, a “nurse” cuts open a small girl’s stomach and takes out all kinds of scary objects such as a huge kitchen knife.

Here, someone dressed as the Joker threatens to throw a baby down the toilet. A great way to start potty training.

In this video, creepy fake babies end up covered with spiders and cockroaches.

A giant tarantula crawling on a girl sleeping with a pacifier.

In this video, a bear poops all over his entire family. He then ends up stuck in the washing machine as the family drop their dirty clothes inside of it. All the while, a horrifying rendition of the “Daddy Finger” song is playing – a song that plays in about 65% of all of these videos.

Adult Situations

Some videos are clearly sexual – in a creepy and perverted way. Some situation could be qualified as assault in a court of law.

This video strongly hints to Spiderman doing it with Elsa.

Here, Spiderman grabs Elsa’s breasts for a very long time. Hulk and a bunch of other dudes are watching in the background.

This entire video features Elsa and Spiderman in all kinds of … positions.

YouTube is also quick to recommend a bunch of other similar videos.

Each video has millions of views.

Child Abuse

Several YouTube channels star young children in all kinds of bizarre situations. Other than the fact that these children might be forced to appear in these hundreds of videos for profit, they are also often made to enact awful traumatic situations. Here are screenshots from a channel named MaddaKenz Vlogs where the girls often appear to be genuinely unhappy and distressed.

Many videos feature the girls screaming or crying their heart out. In this video, this girl has something in her mouth that tastes horrible. And she’s forced to keep it in her mouth. And she doesn’t seem to be acting. Later in the video, they are eating snow with dog pee on it. Hopefully, it is fake pee. But still.

Here, a girl takes something from the toilet and force feeds it to the other girl. She doesn’t like this.

In another video, a creepy dude with clown makeup barges into the girls’ house and starts grabbing them while the girls scream and attempt to resist him.

Things get even weirder – to the point that I feel uncomfortable even posting screenshots on there. But this filth needs to be exposed.

The two girls are sitting in a bathtub dressed as mermaids. Who would actually sit there and watch that? You know who.

The girls are then given lipstick and they begin smearing their face with it. There are actual adult videos that feature this type of stuff.

Catering to Pervs

Unfortunately, there are other channels that produce these kinds sickening of videos.

There are tons of bizarre videos of children in bathing suits getting a shot in the butt. WHY?!?!?

A girl in a high-cut outfit appears to be bleeding + there are bugs around her. EVERYTHING about that video is wrong.

“Recommended videos” leads to a bunch of disturbing thumbnails and so much more content.

In Conclusion

Viewing these videos in order to write this article was a disturbing experience. Most of them trigger that gut feeling that something is wrong and that children’s innocence is being preyed on by twisted minds. Although there’s an absurd amount of this type of content on YouTube (this article could have been 10 times longer), I attempted to expose the various reasons why these videos are cancerous. Using underhanded and manipulative ways, these videos deliver disturbing content directly into the brains of very young children.

One wonders how these “amateur” channels can even exploit the likeness of these children’s characters without being hit with copyright infringement lawsuits. Also, many channels are clearly sponsored by major brands to produce videos that brainwash children into consuming their stuff (I recall watching a video where The Hulk eats Kinder chocolates for like 4 minutes non-stop). Obviously, there is big money and big corporations behind these cheap-looking videos.

However, the true aim of this article is not about YouTube moderation, it is about vigilance: Keep an eye on the videos watched by children. Analyze their contents. It only takes a few taps on a touchscreen for them to end up watching videos custom-made to poison their minds and shock their very core. And don’t be surprised if some of these video channels are linked to actual child abuse systems.

Also please watch this short video to see how mnemonic mind control and satanic ritual abuse are included in children's programming:

Mnemonic Mind Control and SRA in The Lego Movie


Essential Oils And Brain Injuries: what you are not being told

Did you know that our sense of smell is the only sense directly tied to the limbic area of the brain, which is considered the emotional control center? This means that when essential oils are inhaled, they go directly to the brain. Our other four senses — taste, sight, touch, and hearing — are first routed through the thalamus before reaching designated areas of the brain. Because the limbic system is directly connected to the parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance, therapeutic-grade essential oils can have unbelievable physiological and psychological effects.

Each of the essential oils has therapeutic, stimulating, calming, sedative, balancing properties. When we inhale an essential oil molecule, it travels through the nasal passage to a receptor neuron that transports it up to the limbic brain, especially the hypothalamus. The limbic center in your brain is responsible for controlling all the physical, psychological, and emotional responses that your body performs based on stimulus coming from the outside.

Thus, the ability of essential oils to target your limbic center, make them a powerful tool in treating many health ailments.

When essential oils are inhaled through the nose, tiny nerves send an immediate signal to the brain and go straight to work on the systems that moderate our minds and bodies. Inhalation can be the most direct delivery method of these incredibly nurturing components in essential oils, since the chemical messengers in the nasal cavity have direct access to the brain.

In studies performed at Vienna and Berlin Universities, researchers discovered that sesquiterpenes, a natural compound found in essential oils of Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Frankincense, can increase levels of oxygen in the brain by up to 28 percent (Nasel, 1992). Such an increase in brain oxygen may lead to a heightened level of activity in the hypothalamus and limbic systems of the brain, which can have dramatic effects on not only emotions, but on learning, attitude, and many physical processes of the body such as: immune function, hormone balance, and energy levels. High levels of sesquiterpenes also occur in Melissa, Myrrh, Cedarwood, and Clove essential oils.

In 1989, Dr. Joseph Ledoux, at New York Medical University, discovered that the amygdala plays a major role in storing and releasing emotional trauma. From the studies of Dr. Hirsch and Dr. Ledoux, we can conclude that aromas may exert a profound effect in triggering a response.

Essential oils can provide many benefits to the human body without side effects, whether it is through diffusing or simply inhaling the aroma straight from the bottle. Proper stimulation of the olfactory nerves may offer a powerful and entirely new form of therapy that could be used as an adjunct against many forms of illness. Therapeutic essential oils, through inhalation, may occupy a key position in this relatively unexplored frontier of medicine.

The ability of essential oils and its molecular properties to affect both physical and psychological functions in the body is one reason why it is currently being evaluated for brain injury treatments.

Frankincense essential oil and your brain

The human brain is the most complex organ in the body. Injuries to the brain range from mild concussions to more serious head trauma. Usually, various brain injuries are slow to heal, but frankincense oil can aid greatly in this process. Frankincense works by aiding oxygenation of blood going to the brain. This, in turn, will aid in oxygen absorption. When oxygen is absorbed effectively, it allows the brain to process and retain information, heal, and function correctly.

Frankincense is the essential oil of choice for any kind of brain disorder. Frankincense has a molecular makeup that includes sesquiterpenes, that are able to cross the blood/brain barrier. These sesquiterpenes stimulate the limbic system of the brain and other glands within the brain, promoting memory and releasing emotions. Frankincense slows down and deepens the breath. The therapeutic properties of Frankincense oil are antiseptic, astringent, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, sedative, tonic, uterine, vulnerary and expectorant.

The bottom line is that essential oils can penetrate not only the blood-brain barrier, but they can also penetrate the skin, follow nerve pathways, follow the meridians, and provide healing and balance even at the cellular level, such as cellular memory and DNA.

Diffusing and inhaling

Diffusing certain oils using a cold air diffuser may have these benefits:

Relax the body, clear the mind, and relieve tension.
Help with weight management.
Reduce bacteria, mold, fungus, and odors.
Improve hormonal balance.
Improve the secretion of antibodies that fight candida.
Relieve headache.
Stimulate neurotransmitters.
Improve concentration, mental clarity and alertness.
Stimulate secretion of endorphins.
Improve digestive functions.
Stimulate growth hormone production and receptivity.

Therapeutic grade essential oils

The level of purity and therapeutic value of an oil is closely tied its chemical constituents, which can be affected by such things as the soil from which the plant was grown, the soil condition, fertilizer (organic or chemical) climate, distillation process, etc.

In aromatherapy, the quality of your oils is everything, so to achieve healing benefits, it is important to use undiluted therapeutic grade essential oils. Look for the term “100% therapeutic grade essential oil” on labels. You need to understand that essential oils may be labeled as l00% organic essential oil, but this does not mean that they are pure.

Therapeutic quality essential oils are laboratory tested and certified to be free from impurities. A therapeutic-grade essential oil is one that is both complete in its chemical constituents, giving it a rich, deep aroma, and is kinetically alive and able to raise the frequency of the human body, restoring balance and normal function to weak body systems. This is important, because the oil’s fragrance, frequency, and chemistry all contribute to its unique therapeutic effects. If any of these properties are compromised, as a result of poor production practices, an essential oil cannot rightly be called therapeutic-grade.

Article originally published on republished with permission


Sayorwan, W. et al. “The Effects Of Lavender Oil Inhalation On Emotional States, Autonomic Nervous System, And Brain Electrical Activity. – Pubmed – NCBI”. NCBI. N.p., 2012. Web.Ballard, C.G., O Brien, J.T., Reichelt, K., Perry, E.K. (2002). Aromatherapy as a safe and effective treatment for the management of agitation in severe dementia: the results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with Melissa. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 63, 553- 8.

Hirsch, MD, A.R., and R. Gomez. “Weight Reduction Through Inhalation Of Odorants”. AROMA Patch. N.p., 1989. Web.

Sayowan, Winai et al. “The Effects Of Jasmine Oil Inhalation On Brain Wave Activies And Emotions”. Research Gate. N.p., 2013. Web.

“Essential Oils For ADHD”. Brain Balance Achievement Centers. N.p., 2017. Web. 6 June 2017.,%20Aromatherapy%201.pdf

This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and is for information only. Essential oils are very highly concentrated and potent and it is important to always check the specific safety data provided. Keep out of reach of children, the elderly, and pets. For external use only. Avoid contact with mucus membranes and eyes. If any essential oils have contacted your eye, wash out with a vegetable oil such as olive oil, not water.

Some oils may cause skin irritation in people with sensitive skin. It is recommended to perform a patch test before use. To patch test, place one drop on the back of your wrist and leave for an hour or more. If irritation or redness occurs wash the area with olive oil then cold water and do not use the oil.

We do not recommend the ingestion of essential oils except while under the care and direction of a qualified health practitioner.