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They Are Not Like Us — by Jack Harper

Roughly 6 percent of the world’s population consists of people with Neanderthal genes. Jews fall into this category. This is why Jews have always been a problem: because their Neanderthal genes make them twice as aggressive as the rest of the world’s Cro-Magnon derived races.

Edited and presented with pictures, captions, and an endnote by Lasha Darkmoon on the sexual proclivities of the Jews.

Quite independent of Arthur Koestler, whose work he had never read, Michael Bradley, a Canadian-based writer of Jewish origin, released his own 1978 work, The Iceman Inheritance, followed up by its sequel, Chosen People From the Caucusus. In both these books, Bradley put forth his thesis that the modern day people known as the Jews were descendants from the Khazars and that, indeed, the Khazars could trace their origins back to the Neanderthals.

Bradley’s website at michaelbradley.info describes Bradley’s findings in part: In Chosen People from the Caucasus, Bradley focuses on the two separate groups of people who came from the Caucasus Mountains of the Middle East: the Biblical Hebrews who emerged from the southern Caucasus between 3000-2000 BC to invade Palestine, and the northern Caucasus “Khazars” who were converted to Judaism about 740A.D.

The Khazars were pushed into Central and Eastern Europe by Mongol invasions, and their descendants comprise the vast majority of modern Jewry. Although these have no direct historical or genetic connections with the Semitic Jews of the Holy Land, both groups shared a Neanderthal origin in the Caucasus Mountains in the far distant pre-Judaic past.

Bradley contends that people and cultures emerging from the Caucasus Mountains — a known refuge of late lingering Neanderthal populations — in proto-historical and historical times, would have remained highly intelligent, highly aggressive and psychosexually maladapted, promoting a high level of in-group cohesion. These traits, Bradley contends, explain the survival of Biblical Hebrews against all odds and also the inordinate social influence of modern Western Jews.

Bradley contends that there is no mystique of “the chosen people.” Monotheism— a purely male and abstract Godhead— is merely a result of Neanderthal glacial physical and mental adaptations or “maladaptations.”

Proven Neanderthal in-group cohesion and extreme aggression together resulted in a fiercely parochial “chosen people” perspective.

The cultural fusion of the two separate streams of “Jews” has, since the 16th century, played an important role in the evolution of Western Civilization and thus in the molding of the entire world’s present cultural profile.

Bradley contends that a uniquely high level of lingering Neanderthal aggression, perpetuated by ethnic prohibitions against outside marriage, has been responsible for the major role played by those calling themselves Jews in the discovery and conquest of the Americas, the transatlantic trade in Black Africans as slaves and cultural colonization of non-Whites by the West. It has been a role too often distorted and disguised by loud lamentations of “anti-Semitism.”

Bradley writes further of his own research and the subsequent controversy that erupted when many media outlets (and Jewish sources) which had previously hailed his writing on the topic of the Neanderthals came to realize that his work pointed toward Neanderthal origins for the Jewish people:

The “Jewish” Ashkenazim had come from a region of known late-lingering Neanderthals, the Caucasus Mountains and the neighboring Russian steppes. Some typically “Jewish” physical traits were very obviously vestigial Neanderthal ones – generally a short stature and a plump physique, many very short wide-hipped and big- breasted women, extremely hairy men and a tendency toward beetling brows and large beaky “hooked” noses in both genders. Many Ashkenazim have crinkly-curly head hair tending toward dark reddish brown or mahogany in color.

Among Ashkenazi “Jews” there is also a genetic tendency toward beaky faces, not only just noses, and big mouths (in more ways than one) that “wrap around” the lower face.

Barbara Streisand and Julia Roberts provide two lovely and very well known examples of how attractive this genetic trait can be. But these are not “Semitic” physical traits. They are Neanderthal physical characteristics. And maybe some Neanderthal emotional and behavioral traits persisted among the Ashkenazim along with the physical ones.

Their “chosen people” pretension is a typical Neanderthal in-group obsession that is actually a genetic racist predisposition against all other humans. It is a genetically determined “us against them” mentality. Their higher level of known Neanderthal aggression against outsiders is responsible for their disproportional social influence wherever they have settled in the West. . . .

The Ashkenazi Jews, as a group, exhibit lingering Neanderthal traits most strongly among living Caucasians because of Jewish prohibitions against marriage with outsiders. Their Neanderthal genes have been kept “all in the family”, as it were. These Neanderthal genes were not diluted by intermarriage nearly as much as with most other Caucasians.

This Russian steppe origin of today’s Ashkenazi “Jews” was not just a “theory” based on squibs by medieval Christian, Moslem and Jewish chroniclers. It was solid and objective historical reality based on linguistics and hard archaeological artifacts.

And, with The Iceman Inheritance, my unforgivable crime had been to add very persuasive anthropological data to all the other evidence. And this “data” was also something that anyone could actually see by simply taking a close look at many North American “Jews.”

According to Bradley, the Neanderthal heritage of modern-day Jewish people explains much about their ongoing problems with not only the native people of Palestine but with other people on the planet. He writes:

This unfortunate combination of high aggression combined with a tendency toward emotional instability and hysteria when they feel nervous or threatened… which is all the time when they are not in absolute control. And they are arrogant, but uneasy, even then.

An ethnic symptom of this emotional instability is the Jewish tendency toward hypochondria. Even they cannot control death. This unfortunate combination of high aggression combined with a tendency toward hysteria and emotional instability has proved to be a dangerous and tragic situation over the course of Western history.
Their aggression encourages continual Jewish attempts to control societies, while the emotional instability makes it difficult for most Jews to distinguish reasonably between justified social criticism by their non-Jewish neighbors and attacks.

Insensitive even to objective concerns about inordinate Jewish influence in societies, and reacting with hysterical aggression to any such supposed “attack” on their behavior and pleas from non-Jews to limit it, Jews have always provoked violence against themselves. And then they, with much emotional satisfaction, feel victimized and attribute the situation to innate “anti-Semitism” among their neighbors.

On his website, in an essay entitled “A frightening publication history of Jewish media suppression”, Bradley explores the amazingly negative reaction against his writings and the determined efforts to discredit his work.

Endnote: On the sexual proclivities of Jews
by Lasha Darkmoon

This is related tangentially to the above article. It poses the question: are the Jews’ Neanderthal genes, which account for their double-than-average rate of aggression, also responsible for their high libido and sexual hyperactivity?

It has always been an “antisemitic canard”, or perception among anti-Semites, that Jews are given to excessive amounts of lechery compared to non-Jews. The “Jew as Lecher” featured frequently in Nazi Germany Der Stürmer cartoons showing the Jew lusting after young Aryan women. When the Jews took over Weimar Germany, they flooded the country with pornography and made it the most sexually decadent country in Europe. Today, Jews dominate the world porn industry and produce roughly 90 percent of American porn in the San Fernando Valley, California. (See here)

Again, the Talmud’s obsession with sex is well-known. I have dealt with this subject in great detail in my article, Secret Sex Life of the Jews. Amazingly, the Talmud has to be the only religious text in the world to discuss and compare the penis size of its most venerated sages. (See The Passionate Talmud, Introduction, p. 1).

The Jewish appetite for non-Jewish women, especially blondes, is apparently insatiable. All these appear to be Neanderthal characteristics — a huge libido, excessive testosterone, seething aggression — with the hairy Neanderthal-type male lusting darkly after the Cro-Magnon type female with her regular features and honeyblond flesh.

“I have not yet met a Jewish guy who wasn’t a horny rabbit,” porn star Nina Hartley once revealed. Nina should know, being Jewish herself — and having kicked up her heels for endless legions of lecherous Jews during her lubricious life time.

Here is Jewish novelist Philip Roth, who would undoubtedly have Neanderthal genes, going into raptures over the physical charms of Cro-Magnon woman. This is his hymn to the Aryan Blond Goddess from Portnoy’s Complaint:

“But the shiksas, ah, the shiksas are something else…. I am so awed that I am in a state of desire beyond a hard-on. My circumcised little dong is simply shriveled up with veneration…. How do they get so gorgeous, so healthy, so blond?”


To learn more about Bradley’s Neanderthal thesis and the far-reaching effects of Neanderthal genes on the Jewish psyche, see: Chapter 4. The Decline and Fall of Esau’s Empire.

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Photographic Series Shows What Happens When You Stop Drinking

We’re constantly told that everything should be done in moderation, and this is especially true when it comes to the consumption of alcohol.

It’s a well known fact that too much alcohol can cause high blood pressure (which increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke), lethargy, can contribute to you becoming overweight, as well as a multitude of other health related issues.

While it is obviously difficult to go ‘cold turkey’ and give up the drink for good, this photo series shows the amazing visual results of doing so. Of course many of the people featured in these before and after photos complimented quitting alcohol with a balanced diet and exercise, the pictures nevertheless show us the dramatic difference the alcohol can make to your mind and body!

[Above image: 7 months sober by Ghostbackwards]


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Planned Parenthood suggests ‘pooping’ on partner for teen ‘sexual exploration’

Just because the folks at Planned Parenthood don’t really do mammograms with the tax dollars they get doesn’t mean they’re not experts in some things. Take, for example, the Planned Parenthood counselor who told what she thought was a 15-year-old girl about the sexy side of defecating.

Pro-life advocacy group Live Action released a second investigative video on July 15 showing what Planned Parenthood “counselors” teach minors in the name of “sex-ed”: sexual bondage and sadomasochism, and steering them to sex stores to “get educated.” In the latest video, a Colorado counselor told the Live Action investigator (posing as a minor) that “sexual exploration is normal” – and went so far as to suggest defecating and urinating on men as an option. Really. Only conservative media found the film worth reporting. Video Below.

SEXED: Dangerous Sex Advice for Kids (Episode 2)

According to the counselor, “sexual exploration” is “normal” and “can be really fun.” For ideas to imitate, she referenced “50 Shades of Grey” as well as porn. She even offered some creative techniques of her own: “There are so many different fetishes out there” she stressed. “Like, some guys like for women to urinate on them” or “pooping.”

As the latest installment of the investigative series “SexEd: Planned Parenthood’s Dangerous Sex Advice for Kids,” the video continued the message of the first: defund Planned Parenthood. Live Action’s new campaign asks Americans to sign a petition to halt the $500 million per year in taxpayer money that funds Planned Parenthood.

This particular Colorado clinic received additional taxpayer funding for teen sex education through Obamacare.

In response, Live Action requested Colorado residents contact local officials. “Parents need to get on the phone right now,” Live Action President Lila Rose stressed, “and ask their principals and superintendents, ‘Do you have a relationship with Planned Parenthood? Are you okay with this sort of behavior being pushed on my children?’”

During a “Hannity” interview on July 15, Rose elaborated on Planned Parenthood: “Their interest is not protecting these girls. Their interest is abortion and in pushing a sexual ideology – a sexology – that's very destructive and dangerous on our teenagers.”

Lila Rose Exposes Planned Parenthood on Hannity

As far as coverage, conservative media rushed to report on the story, including Hot Air, The Daily Signal, The Blaze, The Daily Caller, Breitbart, Jill Stanek’s blog, LifeNews, LifeSiteNews, Christian Post, and Town Hall.

The liberal media remained silent. A search of Nexis showed how the (usually outspoken) liberal-leaning news outlets as well as the three broadcast networks offered no commentary on Planned Parenthood’s latest sex “education” lesson to American teenagers.

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This is great news. Now if they could only "discover" a way to allow these babies to really connect with the Earth (and the sun and their parents - as in kangaroo mother care), then we might really see some glowing results.

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Grounding – Helping Premature Babies

Intensive care doctors have discovered that Mother Earth may boost the resilience of fragile, at-risk newborns.

The doctors found that grounding premature infants produced immediate and significant improvements in measurements of autonomic nervous system (ANS) functioning critically important in the regulation of inflammatory and stress responses.

The findings, by researchers at the Pennsylvania State University Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Hershey, were published in the journal Neonatology in June 2017.

Specifically, grounding the babies, clinically stable and from five to sixty days of age, strongly increased measures of heart rate variability (HRV) that indicated improved vagus nerve transmission. The vagus nerve, extending from the brainstem into the abdomen, is the main nerve of the parasympathetic division of the ANS. Its offshoots supply and regulate key organs, including the lungs, heart, and intestines. HRV refers to beat-to-beat alterations in heart rate, and is influenced by the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the ANS.

This is the first Earthing study conducted with babies. You can read the study abstract here.

Earlier, a 2011 study demonstrated that grounding rapidly improves HRV among adults, and generates a shift from an overactive sympathetic mode, associated with acceleration and stress, into a parasympathetic, or normalizing and calming mode.

If you improve your HRV you can reduce the likelihood of stress-related disorders.

Improved HRV occurred consistently among 20 babies in the new study when they were grounded during testing periods over 20 to 40 minutes. The improvement disappeared quickly when they were alternately disconnected from the Earth. Grounding was achieved by adhering a grounding patch on the skin of the babies, while in their incubators or cribs, and connecting the patch wire to the hospital’s grounding system.

Among the babies tested, “grounding raised parasympathetic tone within minutes,” says Charles Palmer, MB.ChB., a specialist in neonatology, and co-investigator in the study. “We obviously need more research to further prove that grounding may enhance vagus nerve transmission and thereby improve stress and inflammatory regulatory mechanisms in preterm infants.”

Previously, Dr. Palmer and his research colleagues reported that decreased vagus nerve function is a “valuable marker of vulnerability to stress” in premature infants, including an indicator of risk for necrotizing enterocolitis, a serious intestinal disorder that affects about 5-10 percent of preemies. The condition has an inflammatory component that could adversely affect critical cells protecting nerve tissue and thus possibly undermine development of the nervous system.

During the last fifteen years research has revealed that the vagus nerve plays a major role in the so-called “anti-inflammatory reflex,” a mechanism that controls basic immune responses and inflammation during pathogen invasion and tissue injury. Among other things, the nerve’s actions help to inhibit excessive production of pro-inflammatory chemicals.

Previous grounding studies have led to a hypotheses that grounding reduces inflammation as a result of electrons from the Earth entering the body and neutralizing free radicals involved in chronic inflammation. The fact that grounding improves vagus tone in adults, and apparently also in infants, offers another mechanism as to how grounding reduces inflammation in the body.

It is interesting to note also that diminished vagus nerve function is associated with autism. Anecdotal feedback indicates that grounding may help reduce some symptoms of this condition, as we have reported in the Earthing book.

The Penn State researchers also reported that grounding immediately and substantially reduced skin voltage induced on the babies from ambient electric fields radiating from surrounding medical and incubator equipment. Such voltage may have a stress effect on premature babies. In a 2005 published study and again in 2016, Earthing has been shown to significantly reduce induced voltage on the body.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly a half-million American babies are born preterm annually, or 1 of every 8 infants. Preterm means a baby is born prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy. Preterm-related causes of death account for about 35 percent of all infant deaths, and more than any other single cause, and is also a leading contributor to long-term neurological disabilities in children.



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Trump to pull feds out of K-12 education

President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to start pulling the federal government out of K-12 education, following through on a campaign promise to return school control to state and local officials.

The order, dubbed the “Education Federalism Executive Order,” will launch a 300-day review of Obama-era regulations and guidance for school districts and directs Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to modify or repeal measures she deems an overreach by the federal government.

“For too long the government has imposed its will on state and local governments. The result has been education that spends more and achieves far, far, far less,” Mr. Trump said. “My administration has been working to reverse this federal power grab and give power back to families, cities [and] states — give power back to localities.”

He said that previous administrations had increasingly forced schools to comply with “whims and dictates” from Washington, but his administration would break the trend.

“We know local communities know it best and do it best,” said Mr. Trump, who was joined by several Republican governors for the signing. “The time has come to empower teachers and parents to make the decisions that help their students achieve success.”

Ms. DeVos and Vice President Mike Pence were on hand for the ceremony, which was attended by about 25 people, including teachers, lawmakers and the governors.

The executive order is not expected to have an immediate impact on school districts. Policy changes will follow a report on the findings of the review.

The review will be spearheaded by the Department of Education’s Regulatory Review Task Force, according to the order.

Ms. DeVos already has authority to modify or repeal regulations that are deemed a violation of federal law. The order, however, creates a review for identifying those areas and makes clear her mandate from the president to take action.

Reducing the federal government’s role in K-12 is part of Mr. Trump’s reform agenda, which also includes the expansion of school choice programs.

Among those at the signing ceremony were Govs. Kay Ivey of Alabama, Gary Herbert of Utah, Paul LePage of Maine, Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Terry Branstad of Iowa, who also is Mr. Trump’s nominee for ambassador to China.

Also in attendance were Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Rep. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, the Republican chairs of the two chambers’ education committees.

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Things that make you go hmmmm...

BTW - guess who controls and promotes the alcohol industry through their media?

I'll give you a hint -- it rhymes with "booze."

Source Article:
Binge drinking teenagers ‘damaging brain development’

US study points to genetic changes making teenagers more prone to alcoholism and anxiety in later life

Teenagers who binge drink could be damaging the development of their brains, making them more prone to psychiatric disorders including alcoholism in later life, new US research suggests.

Lab tests found that rats exposed to intermittent doses of doses of alcohol during the adolescent phase of their development were more likely to display symptoms like anxiety in later life.

They were also more attracted to drink as adults than other rats, the tests at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) found.

The study, published in the journal Neurobiology of Disease, found evidence that binge drinking effectively changed the shape of the DNA in the animals’ brains at a crucial stage of their development.

Tissue analysis showed that the DNA was wrapped more tightly around proteins in those rats which had been exposed to binge drinking conditions as adolescents than in those which had not, as a result of chemical changes.

The team, led by Prof Subhash Pandey, director of neuroscience alcoholism research at UIC’s Chicago College of Medicine, believe they have found the mechanism by which binge drinking affects people in later life.

“This may be the mechanism through which adolescent binge-drinking increases the risk for psychiatric disorders, including alcoholism, in adulthood,” said Prof Pandey

But they also found that the effects could also potentially be treatable. When some of the rats were given a cancer drug, the DNA was observed to be less tightly coiled.

“We aren’t sure if the drug needs to be given long term during adulthood in order to completely reverse the harmful effects of adolescent alcohol exposure,” Prof Pandey added.

To simulate conditions like those of heavy drinking sessions in teenagers researchers took a group of four-week-old rats and gave them alcohol for two days, followed by two days off, repeating the pattern for almost a fortnight.

“Our study provides a mechanism for how binge-drinking during adolescence may lead to lasting [epigenetic] changes … that result in increased anxiety and alcoholism in adults,” said Prof Pandey.

“Intermittent alcohol exposure degrades the ability of the brain to form the connections it needs to during adolescence.

“The brain doesn’t develop as it should, and there are lasting behavioural changes associated with this.”

Research published by the World Health Organisation last year ranked the UK among the worst countries in the world for binge drinking.

It found that 28 per cent of Britons were classed as having had episode of heavy drinking in the previous month – almost twice as much as the global average – putting the UK 13th highest for heavy drinking out of 196 countries – worse than Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and Hungary.

But new figures from the Office for National Statistics published earlier this year show a significant decline in alcohol consumption in the UK in the last 10 years – especially among the young.

Binge drinking – measured as the number of people who had a heavy drinking session in the week before the ONS General household Survey – fell by almost 17 per cent across the wider population between 2005 and 2013, but almost twice as fast among young people.

Strikingly, the number of under-25s who do not drink alcohol at all has leapt by 40 per cent in just eight years.

More than a quarter of young people abstain altogether. A third of people living in London – the youngest region of the UK in demographic terms – are now teetotal.


“[H]istory and experience have unfailingly shown that, whenever the Jews slate a country for destruction, pornography is the very, very first weapon they use against that doomed race, since pornography acts not only as a softener and decayer of the will, but also as its own natural, debilitating and enervating agent…”

-- Ellie Katsnelson, quote found here

Below you will find disturbing information regarding what the Jews have done to our children. The bodies of young people are being destroyed as a result of the normalization of sodomy through pornography. Jews are wholly responsible for this filth (see here, here, here, here, here, and here) and for introducing pornography in American schools to children as young as five.

Six year old children in our Public Schools are shown videos promoting anal sex between males. The Jews have founded, funded and fronted every homosexual advocacy group in America

When will the American people rise up against this evil Luciferian cult and say no more?

Source Article:
Pornography has changed the landscape of adolescence beyond all recognition

Excerpt: "...I’m afraid things are much worse than people suspect.” In recent years, Sue had treated growing numbers of teenage girls with internal injuries caused by frequent anal sex; not, as Sue found out, because she wanted to, or because she enjoyed it – on the contrary – but because a boy expected her to. “I’ll spare you the gruesome details,” said Sue, “but these girls are very young and slight and their bodies are simply not designed for that.”

Her patients were deeply ashamed at presenting with such injuries. They had lied to their mums about it and felt they couldn’t confide in anyone else, which only added to their distress. When Sue questioned them further, they said they were humiliated by the experience, but they had simply not felt they could say no. Anal sex was standard among teenagers now, even though the girls knew that it hurt..."

Full article below...

As a study reveals a sharp rise in the number of schoolgirls at risk of emotional problems, Allison Pearson says we need to embolden our daughters to fight back against pornography - however embarrassing it may be

Sometimes you hear a story that is so awful that it refuses to leave your mind, no matter how fervently you beg it to go away.

I was told one such story recently by a family doctor. Readers of a squeamish disposition may want to look away now.

I was having dinner with a group of women when the conversation moved onto how we could raise happy, well-balanced sons and daughters who are capable of forming meaningful relationships in an age when internet pornography is as freely available as a glass of water. Porn has changed the landscape of adolescence beyond all recognition. Like other parents of our generation, we were on a journey without maps or lights, although the instinct to protect our children from the darkness was overwhelming.

A couple of the women present said that they had forced themselves to have toe-curlingly embarrassing conversations with their teenagers on the subject. “I want my son to know that, despite what he might see on his laptop, there are things you don’t expect a girl to do on a first date, or a fifth date, or probably never,” said Jo.

A GP, let’s call her Sue, said: “I’m afraid things are much worse than people suspect.” In recent years, Sue had treated growing numbers of teenage girls with internal injuries caused by frequent anal sex; not, as Sue found out, because she wanted to, or because she enjoyed it – on the contrary – but because a boy expected her to. “I’ll spare you the gruesome details,” said Sue, “but these girls are very young and slight and their bodies are simply not designed for that.”

Her patients were deeply ashamed at presenting with such injuries. They had lied to their mums about it and felt they couldn’t confide in anyone else, which only added to their distress. When Sue questioned them further, they said they were humiliated by the experience, but they had simply not felt they could say no. Anal sex was standard among teenagers now, even though the girls knew that it hurt.

There was stunned silence among the mothers around that dinner table, although I think some of us may have let out involuntary cries of dismay and disbelief.

For Sue’s surgery isn’t in some inner-city borough where kids may have been brutalised or come from cultures where such practices are commonly used as contraception. Sue works in the leafy heart of Hampshire. The girls presenting with incontinence were often under the age of consent and from loving, stable homes. Just the sort of kids who, only two generations ago, would have been enjoying riding and ballet lessons, and still looking forward to their first kiss, not being coerced into violent sex by some kid who picked up his ideas about physical intimacy from a dogging video on his mobile.

The harm, of course, is not just physical. A study this week revealed that the number of schoolgirls at risk of emotional problems has risen sharply. Scientists for the Journal of Adolescent Health were surprised to see a 7 per cent spike in only five years among girls aged 11 to 13 reporting emotional issues. Boys remained fairly stable while girls faced “unique pressures”. Researchers said the causes could include the drive to achieve an unrealistic body shape, perpetuated by social media and an increasing sexualisation of young women.

Girls have always starved themselves in order to be more lovable, or maybe to have less of themselves to hate. The dreadful, recent death of Eloise Parry, a beautiful 21-year-old student poisoned by illegal “diet pills” in an attempt to keep her super-slim figure, is more proof than we can bear of that.

What is new and dangerous is the ability to post selfies, then wait for approval to come flooding in. You don’t have to spend long with an insecure teenage girl (is there any other kind?) to work out that her happiness is tremulously yoked to the getting of Likes or little lovehearts on Facebook or Instagram.

Take that female insecurity, warp and magnify it in the internet Hall of Mirrors, add a longing to be “fit” and popular, then stir into an ubiquitous porn culture and you have a hellish recipe for sad, abused girls.

It explains why more than four in 10 girls between the ages of 13 and 17 in England say they have been coerced into sex acts, according to one of the largest European polls on teenage sexual experience. Recent research by the Universities of Bristol and Central Lancashire found that a fifth of girls had suffered violence or intimidation from their teenage boyfriends, a high proportion of whom regularly viewed pornography, with one in five boys harbouring “extremely negative attitides towards women”.

The end result is what Sue sees in her work as a GP. Young girls – children, really – who abase themselves to pass for normal in a grim, pornified culture. Another study of British teenagers found that most youngsters’ first experience of anal sex occurred within a relationship, but it was “rarely under circumstances of mutual exploration of sexual pleasure”. Instead, it was boys who pushed the girls to try it, with boys reporting that they felt “expected” to take that role.

Moreover, both genders expected males to find pleasure in the act whereas females were mostly expected to “endure the negative aspects such as pain or a damaged reputation”.

You don’t need to be of the Mary Whitehouse persuasion to feel that something has gone catastrophically awry here. I’m still recovering from a tutor at my daughter’s sixth-form college telling me he thought that at least a third of the girls in her year were depressed or self-harming. How much more proof do we need that young women are in crisis?

Claire Lilley, the head of child safety online at the NSPCC, says the latest research should be a wake-up call to government to make sure teenagers receive clear teaching about healthy sexual relationships. You bet it should. Demonstrating how to put a condom on a banana just won’t cut it anymore, not when tens of thousands of girls are revealing “serious distress and harm following abusive behaviour from boyfriends”.

Mature women can generally make up their own minds about what they are and aren’t prepared to do in bed. That is a private matter among consenting adults, although I don’t know a single woman who thinks that a man insisting on anal sex is anything other than a depersonalising act of aggression. For inexperienced teenage girls it’s a different matter. Their whole sexting culture sends them one crude, insidious message: buggers must be choosers.

However embarrassing it may be, we need to educate and embolden our daughters to fight back against pornography, which is warping the behaviour of boys who are supposed to be their lovers, not their abusers. Anything that hurts and humiliates you is never OK. I suggest that future sex education classes begin with this joke:

“I asked my wife to try anal sex. ‘Sure,’ she said: ‘You first.’”

PS: I just texted my own teenager for her view. She texted back: “A lot of truth to this. I think dubious consent is the greatest problem of my generation.”

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Update as of 7-16-17: In the last 48 hours, several people have contacted me to share with me their personal stories of interactions with Ken O'Keefe. Several have had a very similar experience to the one I have had, especially with Ken being a loud-mouthed abuser and screwing people willfully out of money.

Throughout this blog, I have tried to give Ken the benefit of the doubt, imagining that perhaps he was acting like a vampire because he, himself, had been vampired. I will not make excuses for him anymore. I am certain at this time that his legacy of outstanding selfishness and self-absorption, combined with a trail of broken financial agreements, is long-standing and has affected many good-intentioned people that tried to support him. He needs to be called out. People need to know this man is not what he seems.

This following image is a screenshot from Max Igan's website.

And this is a screenshot from a website that the World Citizen webmaster created after Ken's entire team walked out on him.

This information was posted many months ago and I owe Max and many others an apology. They tried to warn me as early as April 2016 that Ken was not what he appears to be. I did not want to listen. I wanted to maintain my illusion that Ken is a hero - someone who will help bring goodness back into our world.

I was wrong.

The fact Ken that has left a trail of destruction in his wake, along with many good people who have been vampired and screwed over by him, should give us pause. He expresses little to no regard for the mother of his children and rarely ever mentions his children or pays them any mind. Combine these truths with the fact that he has never articulated to any clear degree what exactly the World Citizen project is and that nobody I have ever spoken to understands it, and you begin to clearly see that something is amiss. When someone puts forth an idea that is completely ungrounded, totally vague and without any real substance, it is likely that people are being conned.

It is time we asked ourselves why he has produced absolutely NOTHING from the $114,000 he raised for the World Citizen project, short of a legal opinion that allegedly cost him $2500 or $4000, depending on who you ask. This legal opinion is interesting but it does not provide the good people of the world with any means whatsoever to break free from the parasitical forces that have sought to control us. So what, exactly is he doing?

Nobody seems to know.

I am certain at this point that the man is a fake. He speaks a good game and has the Luciferian gift of gab. But it's all smoke and no substance. None of his ideas have any ground. He produces nothing other than videos where he can shoot off his mouth, rile people up, incite a military coup (which absolutely serves the dark forces), and of course, listen to his own voice. This is what he enjoys most, next to spending time with his Luciferian girlfriend and producing more demonic entities that will inhabit our realm as a result of their sordid union.

PS - although I wrote in this original blog that I was concerned for Ken's life, at this time I am wondering whether I have been played so that I will promote such an idea and whether he is actually getting ready to stage his own death so he can retire happily ever after with the donated money from World Citizen and several other fundraisers he created.


Dear friends – I am writing this blog to alert my people to what I think is very important information about Ken O'Keefe and his girlfriend, Sophia. I have uncovered quite alot of information, some of which makes me concerned for Ken's life, although I do not perceive him as a victim and clearly see that he is choosing this path of his own accord.

Throughout this blog entry, I will endeavor to share facts that I believe confirm that Sophia is a Luciferian honey trap sent to destroy Ken and the World Citizen Project. Sophia attached herself to Ken sometime around February 2016, just shortly after he had raised more than $100,000 for the World Citizen Project and was dangerously close to giving birth to his creation. Sophia's presence in his life canceled out all opportunities for him to move forward and instead has led to a series of very dark experiences including extreme betrayal by those close to him, attempted assassination, and more.

You can get a sense of who Sophia is by watching this short video:

Ken O'Keefe exposed

Significantly, approximately 8-10 weeks before Sophia presented herself at the Anarchapulco conference where she knew Ken would be speaking and where they met for the first time, she posted the following image on her facebook page, which you can check out here.

Not coincidentally, Ken speaks often about his love for dancing. And although some people might imagine that the above image means nothing and Sophia is simply an innocent 25-year-old that "fell in love" with the nearly 50-year-old, extremely hardened, Ken O'Keefe, the information I am about to share should leave little doubt that this young woman is not innocent, that she knows exactly what she is doing, that she is well trained, and that her intentions are either to lure him to his death (perhaps by poisoning him slowly so as not to be detectable), or weaken him to such a degree that he cannot move forward.

Here is another one of the fine images she posted on her facebook page. Note her comment below the image which reveals her vampire tendencies and her penchant for sadism/masochism. The word "dugong" is also significant because, as I will explain in more detail later, it indicates her fondness for luring sailors to their death.

From what I can discern, Sophia lures men in through the "art" of Luciferian seduction. She has sought to distract Ken with outstanding amounts of "passion" and drama while simultaneously isolating him from family and friends. This includes trying to keep him from seeing his own children and trying to prevent him from accessing the healing he desperately needs. Her approach to siphoning off his life force bears the mark of a classic psychopath and the techniques she is using to weaken and destroy him are textbook Luciferian techniques.

It also appears that Sophia has a penchant for targeting men involved in the truth movement and that she has contributed to the breakdown of families and derailed at least two other men before Ken.

So just to be clear, I want to share that I have already talked privately with Ken about much of the information I am about to share on this blog. Ken has steadfastly refused to act on the many blatant warnings that Sophia has openly provided and, rather than try to protect himself from her wickedness, he has sought instead to protect her. He has requested several times that I not speak about Sophia publicly and he has even tried to extort written agreements from me to this end, refusing to give me a small amount of money that was promised because I would not acquiesce to his demands.

Sadly, the meager amount of money that Ken repeatedly said he would give me in exchange for weeks of one-on-one support, numerous healing sessions, supplemental remedies, copious amounts of organic food, transportation, live-in maid service [not literally, but you get the picture], the organization of his speaking engagement at Freedompalooza, etc., was never delivered. This is because he is an unbelievably stingy tightwad (either by nature or through wounding), and also because I refused to agree in writing not to share information about Sophia. In any event, his integrity with me is at issue as I have clearly seen that he does not always keep his agreements and is not a man of his word.

Having said all that, let me also state that when I initially wrote this blog, I did not believe that Ken had stolen any money from the World Citizen crowdfunding campaign. As I mentioned, Ken is very rigid and controlled with money which made it difficult for me to imagine that he could recklessly spend money that others had given. However, I have come across several stories and web pages indicating that he has organized several fundraisers before, raising several hundred thousand dollars over the course of a few years, and nothing was as ever brought forth with the money. This includes a $300,000 fundraiser for "Food for Palestine," none of which ever got to the Palestinian people.

Additionally, it has become clear that Ken has repeatedly broken financial agreements with people who have worked for him, including those who were brought on board to help with the World Citizen Project. Ken withheld money owed time and again and when he did make payment, it was often less than what was agreed upon. Meanwhile, as Ken was nickel and dime-ing everyone who bent over backwards to help him, he was sitting on some major financial assets. Something is definitely wrong here.

I allowed Ken into my personal life quite recently (in early June) after receiving what I thought was a heartfelt request for support. Since it is my nature to want to help people, especially those who are part of the truth movement and doing good work, I was happy to extend myself to Ken in whatever way I could and delighted to introduce him to the Freedompalooza community and have him be there to share his information and ideas. However, I depleted myself physically, emotionally and financially in my efforts to help him, and was badly disappointed when he treated me poorly, broke our agreements, and expressed little to no gratitude for the things I shared. His feigned gratitude came only in the form of empty words, but certainly not deeds.

In truth, I have experienced him as incredibly withholding of kindness and generosity while simultaneously being capable of taking and taking and taking and giving nothing in return. He appears to either be suffering from narcissistic personality disorder or is a full-on sociopath. He has a sense of entitlement as large as Mount Everest and his expectation that the world owes him something because of who he is indicates a grandiose ego that really needs to be reigned in. His behavior in relation to me was so bad that I am inclined to call him a vampire -- although in his defense, he is probably completely depleted himself having spent 15 months in the company of his vampire girlfriend. While he was with me, he dominated every "conversation" we had, talking non-stop for hours about himself, his needs, his plans, his beliefs, etc. If I tried to interject with a comment that indicated even a small amount of disagreement, I was promptly bullied with his booming voice, which he used repeatedly to take back control of the "conversation." The only feelings I ever saw him express were anger and/or emotional shut down. Beyond that, he acted like stone, rarely expressing concern for the well-being of anyone other than himself and/or his precious Sophia. Sadly, I never even heard him express concern for his own children.

As regards his girlfriend, I feel compelled to release this information quickly because there are kind and generous people in the truth community that have invited Ken into their homes along with Sophia. These people need to be warned that Ken is not what he seems, is a major energy sucker, and that both he and his girlfriend may actually be quite dangerous.

So let's take a closer look at Ken's girlfriend, starting with her interesting choice of the name "Sophia" which I believe she uses for a very specific reason -- i.e., to give us a clue as to who she really is and who she serves.

A small amount of research into the topic of the cabalistic/biblical/gnostic goddess named "Sophia" reveals that she is a fallen goddess strongly connected to Lucifer/Satan (i.e., the Creator's adversary). She is an integral part of the Luciferian rebellion against The Creator and John Nash (who is a Luciferian himself and longs for the day when Lucifer will reign supreme on Earth), has even made the claim that Sophia IS Lucifer.

From John Lash's website:

And from https://www.cbeinternational.org/resources/article/priscilla-papers/who-sophia:

Below is more pertinent information about Sophia from the GnosticWarrior website.

Image of the union between Lucifer and Sophia, two "cosmic revolutionaries" leading the rebellion against God.

Now, going a little deeper, let's take a closer look at Sophia's facebook page where she displays her "art" and where we learn that her page and music are called "Dugong" and her record label is with "Occultists."

The word "occultist" does not need any decoding. It is clear from all the symbolism in her "art" that she is heavily into the dark occult, as this person so eloquently pointed out.

On Sophia's facebook page we find lovely and inviting song titles such as Dugong - To Burn Alive, Funeral Song, Beast She Roams, The Evil Magician, Dead Man Rising, Weak and Powerless, Vanishing, and much more. With each of these titles, she is casting a spell.

Next we find Sophia presenting herself with the demon-god Baphomet:

And here she is turning the cross upside down, grounding Baphoment (the devil) into the Earth:

Below are images of Sophia in various stylish satanic poses:

Sophia's obsession with blood, knives, and cutting is also apparent in the lyrics to her music.

*Something wicked this way comes
How could I fail
How could I miss to see the signs
Again I was blind
How can a lesson be learned
In this intoxicating, tantalizing game
Something wicked this way comes
I thought it was true what you gave
No just-Javelin thunder-
weapons you launch from depths
of your brooding cave flesh hunter
I thought it was love that you gave
No just predatory hungry rage
Oh no- I hate to say
your not the first To lure me
in this intoxicating tantalizing game
and as I awake and regain
the hall of mirrors they break
suddenly alone with
two hungry snakes
latched on on my wrists
Where you cannot resist
To salvage your food
The last drop of my blood
Your favorite drug
Vampire Flesh hunter
Your favorite drug
To salvage your food
The sweet taste of my blood
Your favorite drug
Something wicked this way comes
Flesh hunter, you have been discovered
You have been discovered
And you have not uncovered
That I too carry
Daggers, blades, grenade launchers
Flesh hunter you’ve been discovered
you have lost your prey
To Daggers, blades, grenade launchers

This particular "song" made me wonder if she might have successfully turned Ken into a vampire and if this might explain his "attachment" to her and the outstanding capacity he has to drain the energy of other people.

Going deeper still, let's take a look at Sophia's use of the word "dugong" to represent her music and facebook page.

For those who may not know, dugongs are actually sea animals that look similar to manatees.

They are typically gentle, peaceful and kind, however, legends say they were often mistaken for "sirens of the sea" by female-starved sailors on their ships for too long.

"Sirens of the sea" were believed to be irresistible to most men because of their bewitching songs.

Legends say that these sirens of the sea were actually female demons that lured sailors to their death by shipwrecking them near their island where they soon starved to death.

Other legends say the sirens lulled the sailors to sleep on their ships and then climbed on board and murdered them.

Now, those who know anything about Ken know that he is an ex-marine -- i.e., a sailor. Ken speaks fondly and often of Sophia’s voice and the magic of her songs, indicating that he has indeed been bewitched by her call. Moreover, in the short time that they were together, Ken nearly starved himself to death, losing at least 30-40 pounds. Do we suppose this is all just coincidence?

Not surprisingly, Sophia herself is familiar with the mythology of sirens as she mentions this directly on her "Dugong" page.

Incidentally, Ken is an aspiring drummer.

Now let's take a look at Sophia's personal facebook page, where she goes by the name of "Sophia Temüjin Büchi." Below is the cover photo on her facebook page.

This photo bears some interesting symbolism, especially once we have uncovered the fact that the middle name Sophia is using, Temüjin, is actually the birth name of the Mongolian savage, Ghengis Khan. Since "Sophia" actually looks to be of Mongolian heritage herself, perhaps through choosing to use this name as the centerpiece of her public identity, she is revealing the extremely dark nature of her ancestral bloodline.

Interestingly, organized Jewry has made a concerted effort to cover up the Truth about the psychopathic mass murderer, Ghengis Kahn. The Jews have not only busied themselves attempting to revise history, but have also put energy into honoring this beast in 8-month-long exhibits, probably because he did more to advance their cause of white genocide than any who have come before or since. His methods of torture, rape, and destruction were very similar to those used by the Jewish Bolsheviks that successfully starved, tortured, raped, slaughtered, stole land from and genocided some 66+ million predominantly white Christians in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution.

To give my readers an idea of just how grotesque and evil Ghengis Kahn was, here's an excerpt from http://www.douglasadams.com/dna/980707-07-s.html

To be clear, after researching the facts about this creature called Ghengis Kahn, I am absolutely certain he was a Jew. The evidence upon which I make this assertion is as follows: (1) the Jews would not be honoring him the way they do unless he was a Jew; (2) only Jews seem to be capable of the type of grotesque and brutal acts carried out by Ghengis Kahn; (3) like all good Jews, Ghengis Kahn wanted to take over the whole Earth; and (4) the Jews try to cover up the facts about their history in Mongolia with professional double-speak such as that which can be found in this article.

So we are left with the curious questions as to why our dear friend Sophia would want to associate herself with the demonic beast named Ghengis Kahn or why she feels compelled to make music for witches, werewolves, and vampires. I'll leave it to my readers to figure these things out.

And one last thing...

When I tried to uncover whether there was any deeper meaning to the last name Sophia is using -- i.e., "Büchi" -- I found this company whose trademark is labeled "Infinite-Control."

In a typical Luciferian reversal, they put the words "infinite control" next to a picture of a mild mannered, helpless looking man, so as to make it seem that the company is completely innocent and non-threatening. However, a closer look into what they are doing reveals that the company serves the Jewish controlled pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as the Jewish controlled poison food industry and Jewish controlled academia.

I'm sure this is all just a "coincidence" and Sophia has no idea how much evil she has immersed herself in. Surely Sophia is innocent!


Here's a lovely image of Sophia

And here's an image of the entity/ies that control(s) her